About us

ISP METAL is a dynamically developing Polish company in the sector of processing and manufacturing of steel structures. Our specialty is plasma cutting and metal machining. We offer our services to meet the expectations of domestic and foreign customers.

Our goal is to create and provide the highest quality products and professional advice for our customers. We accept orders for details in accordance with the provided technical documentation or a template. We could cooperate with both individual retail and large-scale orders.

As part of our business, we can provide you with advanced metal, wood and plastic processing using numerically controlled tools (CNC). We guarantee very high accuracy of the implemented projects combined with high efficiency.

We specialize in:


CNC turning is considered as one of the most popular machining methods. As a result of turning, you can obtain objects of various shapes, e.g. solid-shaped objects – balls, cones, cylinders, etc. The CNC turning process allows you to quickly and safely produce an object with a complex geometry.


CNC milling is one of the types of cutting. It enables cutting of flat, tooth channels or grooves. During milling, the blades move one after another. CNC milling is not only about giving different shapes to the workpieces but also about finishing, decorating or creating joints.


Plasma cutting is an automatic or manual process that uses a plasma arc. The speeds obtained with this technique can be 7 times higher than with the oxygen-gas method. The technique has a minimal impact on the metal structure.

We offer competitive prices, as well as discounts discounts individually based on the size of the order.

Operating on the Polish market, ISP METAL company tries to meet the expectations of customers by providing services and products of the highest quality. This directly affects the promotion of the ISP METAL brand and the company as a reliable and professional partner.